Portrait photo of David Meaux, a VAST photographer creating extremely high resolution photographs

David Meaux

Very-High and Ultra-High Resolution Landscape Photographer

Hérault, Occitanie, France

David Meaux is an international, award-winning landscape and nature photographer based in southern France. In 2017, he settled in the Occitanie region, one of the most geologically diverse regions in France and home to many UNESCO World Heritage sites. He immediately fell in love with the ancient settlements, winding medieval streets, vast mountain ranges, dark sky reserves, and incredible views. He has since devoted himself to capturing these grandiose scenes, always in the best light.

Ever since a young age, photography has been his passion, as much for its artistic side as well as its technical side. Photography offers him a way to express his artistic vision of the world and the beauty that surrounds us as well as prolonging short-lived extraordinary moments in time. It is also a way for him to show the link between the environment and human activity. In capturing these awe-inspiring wonders, he focuses on the feelings that the landscape evokes with its atmosphere, breadth, and individuality.

His aim as a landscape photographer is to unravel the elements of nature and to portray them in such a way that it helps his audience connect to the natural world and discover new wonders. Like in all the arts, a landscape photograph is used to demonstrate an individual's profound impression of the subject matter. When creating VAST images, he aims to capture as much light and detail as possible to convey this impression. To him, it is this level of detail that is critical to capturing vibrant and amazing images.

David wonders at the beauty so often hidden in the plain sight of modern life. You'll find him photographing open horizons, soaring mountains, thundering rivers, lush valleys, and geological gems whether it be at dusk, dawn, or at night. His hope is that his love for the subjects he photographs would inspire others not only to appreciate all of their subtleties and to take time to discover them but to also respect and care for the environment that surrounds us all. Also passionate about our bright starry night sky, he loves to create astrophotography nightscapes that remind him of just how small we are in the vastness of the universe while emphasizing the terrestrial elements in the foreground.

He is always striving to push the limits of photography through techniques, such as focus-stacking, star-stacking, time-blending, astrophotography, and light painting. When seeking subjects to photograph he centers on geometry, color, light, and texture and places emphasis on the spirit of a place. His work is characterized by his ability to balance technical expertise with personal attention to artistic quality and details.

David holds degrees in Photographic Technology; Journalism and Mass Communication with specializations in Photojournalism and Multimedia Design; and Geography with specializations in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.). David leverages this foundation to deliver masterfully crafted images that capture the essence of places and spaces while meeting the technical demands of ultra-high-resolution landscape photography.

VAST photographer David Meaux of the VAST artist collective

Fine-Art Prints & Image Licensing

For exceptionally high resolution photographic prints and licensing, David is represented in the United States and worldwide by VAST.

Licensing can also be obtained from NaturAgency, located in Paris, France.

David also creates beautiful, ecologically-friendly, archival quality, fine-art prints in-house, using Hahnemühle's gorgeous Digital FineArt Hemp paper. Hemp, which requires minimal maintenance, grows quickly and does't need any pesticides, has often been used for long-lasting historical documents, such as the Gutenberg Bible and the U.S. Declaration of Independence. Please contact us for more information.

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