• landscapes
  • nightscapes
  • light painting
  • astrophotography

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Lever de Soleil - Pic Saint-Loup I

Between the CĂ©vennes Mountains to the north and Montpellier to the south, Pic Saint-Loup (658 meters / 2,158 feet above sea level, left) ...

In the Midst of Lavender

Valensole Plateau II

This tree on the Valensole Plateau is probably one of the most photographed trees in the world because of its symmetry and its lonely pos...

Coucher de Soleil sur les Champs de Lavande - Valensole

Provence just before lavender harvest season is an amazing experience. Wherever you travel the air is filled with the smell of lavender, ...

Valensole Plateau I

Sunset on the Valensole Plateau during summer is an amazing experience, especially when a small front is moving through the area. As the ...

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