Sunset on the Valensole Plateau during summer is an amazing experience, especially when a small front is moving through the area. As the last bit of light grazes across the flower blossoms, it creates shadows emphasizing the undulating terrain and the rows of lavender reaching to the horizon. At the same time, the low-angle light skimming across our atmosphere illuminates the clouds in the colors of the fields below.

One of the things I love about southern France, especially Provence, is these stone farm sheds that are common in the fields. While they’re man-made structures, the materials from which they’re made come from the ground on which they sit. This aspect allows them to aesthetically blend in with their surroundings and create visual harmony between man and nature. Having a background in both photography and geography, I am constantly searching for scenes that illustrate the interaction of humans with the environment.

This time-blended VAST image was created by combining tilt and shift optical movements on a medium format technical camera with panorama stitching. The result is an image that is not only colorful but sharp from the rocks and flower blossoms in the foreground to the building in the distance. I intentionally changed the plane of focus to blur out the elements behind the building. This helps the structure standout from the background and further puts emphasis on the rest of the foreground elements.